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Art Class

Need inspiration for things to do at chapter meetings or to raise money?

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iCAN Curriculum


Try some of the activities we've created for the new iCAN curriculum. Give us your feedback and new ideas!



Invite speakers like doctors, engineering students, and entrepreneurs

Field Trips

Hospitals & Clinics

DRC infirmiereTension-kalembe_lembe.jpg

Visit a hospital or med school

Nearby Colleges & Universities

Cooper West December 2018 Exoskeleton .j

Visit university students to give feedback on student projects for pediatric medicine or participate in research that will benefit pediatric patients.

Local Activities


Visit a museum  or attend/volunteer at a local STEM event

Service Projects

Teddy Bear Clinic 2017.png

Teddy Bear Clinic

KIDS Michigan Teddy Bear Clinic

Fun Patterned Socks

Wacky Socks

KIDS Michigan sisters Reece and Olivia Ohmer had a goal to cheer up recovering pediatric patients, and the idea they came up with had legs — or at least feet.

The two, who attend Pinckney Community Schools and live in Pinckney, collected more than 700 pairs of socks from students during their "wacky sock drive" for C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. 

throw pillow on sofa

Ryan's Case for Smiles 

Ryan's Case for Smiles is seeking donations for bright, cheery pillowcases to help put a smile on young patient's faces while they recover during their stay.  Want to learn more?  Click below.



Music therapy 2018 1.jpg

Music Therapy

Music therapy is considered a viable treatment modality by some professionals. Explore the musical interests of your kids &/or invite a musical therapist to your local meeting. What do your kids think about the healing power of music?

Learn more about Music Therapy on iCAN's Music Therapy page.

Detective Word Lurie Childrens.jpg

Puzzle it Out

Wordy What is an organization founded to spread the love of words, writing, and language through games and puzzles. Riya Joshi, a CPS high school student, published a 50-puzzle booklet called Detective Wordy, donated to children in hospitals and seniors at assisted/independent living facilities in Chicago, in an effort to bring a smile to their faces.  Click HERE to access.


iCAN Fundraising
Idea Box 

If you or your KIDS/YPAG Chapter is in need of ways to fundraise, iCAN has created a helpful list of easy and simple ideas to support your chapter's financial needs. Suggested uses for funds are chapter event meals, supplies, or even travel/hotel/registration costs for the Annual iCAN Advocacy & Research Summit.  

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