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Welcome to KIDS Barcelona!

KIDS BARCELONA is a young person’s advisory group (YPAG) promoted by Barcelona Children’s Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, one of the  leading medical centers in Europe for childhood and adolescence.
Our team is composed of teenagers from 12 to 17 years old. Half of them are patients from our hospital and the other part are adolescents with a huge sensibility about health issues.

All of them are members of our Scientific Council and their responsibilities are their contribution to improve our scientific projects from the patient perspective around 4 main pillars: biomedicine, research, innovation, and clinical trials.

We offer periodical training sessions to our team held by our main researchers and dedicated professionals to the specific field, and we provide them communication and presentation skills.

"What makes our iCAN KIDS Barcelona Chapter Great"

KIDS Barcelona works very closely with children’s schools with the aim to promote scientific sensibility, to promote innovation as a transversal subject in the educative curricula, and also to encourage the possibility to train future researchers and clinicians.

In 2016, KIDS Barcelona hosted the iCAN Research and Advocacy Summit to support children around the world as they learn about innovation, science, medicine, and pediatric clinical research.  

For more information about KIDS Barcelona or to get in touch with a representative,

Contact us at:

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