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Welcome to KIDSCAN (Vancouver, Canada)!

KidsCan is on board with many new and continuing collaborations including the BC Health Research Connection Project on the newly initiated REACH Platform to engage members of the public in research, as well as a province-wide study to create a network of physicians to bridge the gap between pediatric patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease transitioning to adult care.


The team also conducted research studies in efforts to survey the educational resources different youth advisory groups use around the world to train their members and the need for standardized educational materials to allow efficient international collaboration.

"What makes our iCAN KIDSCAN Chapter Great"

KidsCan is also spearheading a national initiative to create a, first of it's kind, Canada-wide youth research advisory group as a resource for clinicians and researchers to engage in patient oriented research with youth.  

KIDSCAN is delighted to be a part of iCAN Research.  

KIDSCAN is located in the beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada and is part of BC Children’s Hospital and Research Institute.

Further information may be found by accessing the following web links.

Click here: to read more about our youth members!

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