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The iCAN Chapter Network

The International Children's Advisory Network Inc., (iCAN) is an organization in which members are children. 

Starting or joining an iCAN chapter is easy, fun and FREE!

Local iCAN chapters have a lot of autonomy and consist of 5-50 members that may come from an already-established Teen Advisory Board typically associated with a Children's hospital, though it is not necessary. Chapters set their own schedule and work on activities that are of interest to the local kids. Most chapters are condition-agnostic, meaning that a child of any medical background may join, though we have one for cancer and one which is virtual to help support children in remote areas.

All chapters participate in iCAN-wide activities such as surveys and feedback for industry. Chapters may host speakers, interact with local universities, perform their own research, participate in STEM activities, and lead service projects for their local hospital, Ronald McDonald House, or other medically-related organizations that support youth. Additionally, all youth that want more leadership opportunities are encouraged to join the Youth Council.

Annually, we bring members from all of our chapters together to interact and learn from industry and each other, and for us to learn from them at our iCAN Advocacy and Research Summit. 

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