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Welcome to iCAN KIDS Connecticut!


Like all of the iCAN Chapters, KIDS Connecticut plays an important role within the International Children’s Advisory Network by focusing on the importance of including the pediatric patient and caregiver voice in healthcare, innovation, clinical trials, and research.  KIDS Connecticut is an advisor and advocate for all children throughout the greater healthcare spectrum. 


Click here to view the materials for the Think Like a Doctor Session by KIDS Connecticut at the iCAN 2021 Summit

For 2020 - 2021:

To join the KIDS CT Chapter, please contact Dr. Sharon Smith at

All youth members ages 8-18 are cordially invited to share their stories and to participate throughout pediatric healthcare.  

Possible topics for meetings:



  1. December meeting



  1. “How doctors think” aka clinical reasoning

  2. Injury prevention (Dr. Smith)

  3. Physical exams pearls and demonstration

    1. Pulses

    2. eye/ear exam, 

  4. Kahoot/trivia

  5. Ultrasound/first aid/suturing simulation

    1. Not sure how to do this virtually/interactively but will think on it


Research related

  1. Mitali mom IRB overview

  2. Clinical research overview 

    1. Depending on Finck talk content

  3. How to read a research proposal or paper

  4. Informed consent/study participation

    1. Could have interactive session on writing a mock informed consent

  5. Drug development game

"What makes our iCAN KIDS Connecticut Chapter Great"

Annually, the Kids Impacting Disease through Science (KIDS) Connecticut chapter seeks new members to help us continue to have an impact on the future of paediatric medicine. Children, parents, and medical professionals come together to learn about the role KIDS Connecticut plays within the International Children’s Advisory Network, as well as how you can get involved! 

KIDS Connecticut is delighted to be a part iCAN Research

Contact us at:

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