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 Drawn To Help was created to supplement existing art programs at hospitals, camps and treatment facilities around the country by arranging visits from professional cartoonists and talented artists who want to meaningfully impact the lives of children.

Drawn To Help volunteers make bedside visits with pediatric patients and provide group sessions with children whose medical conditions allow them to participate in a more social setting. Drawn To Help lessons are tailored to fit the abilities and needs of each child, making it as easy and fun to participate.

Drawn to Help has built a huge digital collection of great art activities that are now available on iCAN's website as printable downloads to be used by the patients, their families, Child Life Specialists and other caregivers free of charge, allowing for a global reach to every community around the world.  Now iCAN Youth Members are able to choose from awesome coloring pages, step-by-step art instructions, mazes and all sorts of distracting and feel-good fun.

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