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Welcome to iCAN Generation R (England)!


iCAN Generation R is a National Young Persons’ Advisory Group (YPAG) made up of local groups across the UK.

Led by Jenny Preston. Groups are funded by the National Institute for Health Research and/or other National Health Service organizations, through various channels.


iCAN Generation R supports the design and delivery of pediatric research in the UK.

This group now consists of five regional groups and one topic-focused group:

  • Liverpool

  • Birmingham

  • London

  • Bristol 

  • Nottingham 

  • plus one topic-focused group looking at Mental Health based in London.

"What makes our iCAN Generation R Chapter Great"

iCAN Generation R is made up of many youth members who are aged between 8 – 25 years old. The dedicated youth members meet every six weeks either on weekends, in the evenings, or during school holidays, and come together for a national meeting once a year.


Their views feed into the design and delivery of research in children not only in England, but around the world.

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KIDS Generation R is delighted to be a part of iCAN Research.  

Contact us at:

Kirsty Widdowson:

Carly Greene:

Claire Callens:

Carly Tibbins:

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Jenny Preston: 

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