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Welcome to iCAN KIDS Georgia! 


Kids and Families Impacting Disease Through Science (KIDS) Georgia is an advisory group of children, adolescents and families focused on understanding, communicating and improving medicine, research and innovation for children. KIDS Georgia is a collaboration between the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Section on Advances in Therapeutics and Technology (SOATT), local AAP Chapters, children’s hospitals, local schools and other partners.

KIDS Georgia membership consists of children ages 8 to 18 and their parents who have:

  • Past clinical experience

  • Experience using hospital services

  • Chronic medical conditions and/or take medication regularly

  • Interest in medicine and/or research

Click to learn more to learn about a special project, through collaboration with Georgia Tech.

"What makes our iCAN KIDS Georgia Chapter Great"

The KIDS Georgia objectives are to...

  • Learn, teach, and advocate for medicine, research, and innovation that improves the health and well-being of children

  • Engage in the process through projects and consultation activities with hospitals, researchers, and other partners in the public and private sectors

  • Provide input on research ideas, innovative solutions, unmet pediatric needs, and priorities

  • Contribute to the design and implementation of clinical studies for children

  • Serve as a critical voice for children and families in the medical, research, and innovation process

KIDS Georgia is delighted to be a part of iCAN Research.  

Contact us at:

Melissa Polk:

Christine Woods:

Leanne West:

Edress Darsey:

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