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Adult Education Course

iCAN Code of

At iCAN, everything we do is for the children and we keep their safety and security our top priority.  To ensure the highest ethical and morale awareness, we support the iCAN Code of Conduct for all that work together on behalf of engaging youth members around the world. View iCAN's Code of Conduct for Adults.


iCAN Whistleblower Policy

View iCAN's Whistleblower Policy for Nonprofit Corporation


Labor Law Compliance

Pursuant to Federal Law 29, USC Sec. 666 (i) & 29 Sec. 2005, iCAN is required to post federally required information

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2020 iCAN 501(c)3 Determination

View iCAN's 501(c)3 Determination

Judges Examining Document

iCAN Conflict of Interest Policy & Agreement

View iCAN's Conflict of Interest Policy & Agreement

Office Work

iCAN Document Policy

View iCAN's Document Retention and Destruction Policy

Judges Examining Document

iCAN Tax Return 2020

View iCAN's 2020 Tax Return