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iCAN Summit Scholarships

Investing in our future

Through Scholarships in loving memory of one of iCAN's brightest and most engaged youth members, Kate P. from KIDS Illinois, and constant iCAN supporter Carolyn, iCAN provides an opportunity to support our engaged youth members that wish to travel to the 2022 iCAN Summit presented by Jumo Health.

Scholarships for 2022 are closed, pleased check back in February for 2023 Scholarship information.

Andrea Juarez Hernandez Picture 1.jpeg

KIDS Illinois

Andrea Juarez Hernandez

2022 Video 


KIDS Illinois

Dylan Provenzano

2022 Essay Winner

Kalee Polk 2019 Scholarship Winner Video

KIDS Georgia

Kaylee Polk

2019 Video 

Mary Claire Klein 2019 Essay Winner Scho

KIDS Florida

Mary Claire Klein

2019 Essay Winner

Olivia Ohmer 2018.jpeg

KIDS Michigan

Olivia Ohmer

2018 Essay Winner

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