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December 2023 Ask the Experts - Joe Kiani


iCAN welcomes

Joe Kiani, Chairman and CEO of Masimo,

as December's

Ask the Experts 

Guest Speaker

When: December 9, 2023 at 11 A.M. EST
Who: All are Welcome

Joe Kiani

Joe Kiani is an entrepreneur and inventor responsible for some of the most innovative medical
technology in the world. As a dedicated patient safety advocate, Kiani has worked to create
medical devices that improve accuracy and ef
ficiency so that clinicians can provide the best
care possible.

In 1989, Kiani founded Masimo, which he has built from a “garage start-up” into a globally
recognized medical technology company. Mr. Kiani began the company with one goal in
mind—to create a pulse
oximeter that solved what the medical community had deemed
unsolvable—reliable pulse oximetry. He did so by co-inventing Masimo Signal Extraction
Technology ® (SET ® ), which reliably and accurately reports on a patient’s blood oxygen levels.
Today, Kiani’s invention is considered to be modern pulse oximetry and is used by hospitals
around the world.

Ever since, Masimo has led the way in inventing monitoring devices that bring the same
accuracy to many of the monitoring devices that clinicians and patients alike rely on. With
hundreds of patents between Kiani and his team, he is responsible for a significant number of
contributions to the medical device industry. Kiani has also taken his inventiveness to the
consumer side of healthcare. He and his team are tackling problems that bring advanced
medical technology into the home with devices like the Masimo Stork baby monitor and Opioid

Kiani’s desire for innovative solutions doesn’t end with additions to his medical device lineup,
either. He has made it part of his mission to advocate for patient safety as well. In 2013, Kiani
founded the PSMF
, the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, an organization committed to
ending avoidable patient harm and deaths in U.S. hospitals. Kiani also serves on PCAST, the
President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, where he works with other experts
and legislators to find solutions to the country’s most pressing issues of patient safety.
A graduate of SDSU’s College of Engineering, Kiani was invited to speak at the university for the
President’s Lecture Series and currently serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board. He is committed
to inspiring young people to find and follow their passions—no matter their career path. Kiani
encourages students to chase what inspires them, to learn at every turn, and to work hard to
make the world a better place.

To learn more about Joe and to keep up with his next move, you can follow him on Twitter,
LinkedIn, or Instagram.


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