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Welcome to iCAN KIDS CHOC!


KIDS CHOC, located in Orange County, CA is excited to welcome you to future events and to join the chapter! 

CHOC Backpack Buddies.png

After collecting all the supplies for the backpack drive, the CHOC iCAN Chapter members gathered for a group photo in front of CHOC. The photo served as a powerful reminder of the true impact they had on young students. Standing next to the hospital emphasized the significance of their efforts, knowing they were not only supporting education but also bringing hope and positivity to children facing medical challenges. The picture captured a moment of shared purpose and compassion, inspiring the members to continue making a difference in the lives of those they serve.

iCAN KIDS CHOC Hosts Backpack Drive!

CHOC’s International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN) chapter collected backpacks and school supplies during July for the Project Hope Alliance Backpack Drive hosted by the CHOC Community Action Team. Being part of a community-driven effort to provide essential supplies to elementary through high school students brought a sense of purpose and unity to iCAN members. 


As advocates for the children who receive care at CHOC, both past and present, it is iCAN’s incredible honor to be raising awareness for rare pediatric diseases as well as raising funds for future patients. By meeting monthly and maintaining communication throughout the month, CHOC’s iCAN chapter has only begun their gratifying journey and they hope to emulate the drive healthcare professionals have today. Because iCAN is made up of primarily teens, it is their responsibility to represent the perspective of a child; part of iCAN’s mission is to shed light on how a child feels in the hospital, and bring attention to their needs in an adult-run system.


Along with several others, Sofia and Fiona Kouwabunpat contributed to the donation drive for school supplies, donating backpacks, crayons, and notebooks of their own and others. Despite the time constraint, they reached out to friends and families but had little luck. Navigating this challenging process, they reached out beyond their immediate circle, even engaging their piano teacher. Her teacher wanted to help, going as far as to make a special trip to Target to contribute additional supplies to the cause. 


“Sometimes I think about ‘What if I didn't have anything,’” donor and iCAN member Sofia Kouwabunpat said. “So, the fact that I'm giving something to people who don't have it, like how privileged I am, then it feels good to give them the opportunity.” 


The ICAN team found the experience profoundly rewarding, with Sofia and Fiona describing it as "fulfilling." The club’s collective efforts have culminated in the heartwarming knowledge that a greater number of children will be starting the upcoming school year equipped with high-quality supplies. This accomplishment not only epitomizes the team's commitment to their mission statement — amplifying children's voices in healthcare settings — but also marks a tangible response to the immediate needs of the patients, empowering these children and facilitating their education. This significant endeavor is merely the first chapter in the team's ongoing mission. Madeleine Nguyen, a member of iCAN, believes wholeheartedly in the potential of the club. She envisions its work in the past and future as capable of having a far-reaching impact.


 “I believe spreading awareness about their rare diseases can make a profound difference, potentially deciding between life and death for another child,” expressed Madeleine. 

Throughout the next month, iCAN at CHOC is fundraising for the CHOC Walk In The Park on Aug. 20 at the Disneyland Resort to support healthcare programs, education and research at CHOC. Link to donate: CHOC Mi4 + iCAN - 2023 CHOC Walk

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