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Welcome to iCAN KIDS DC


Hope for Henry has taken an important step in celebrating, incorporating, and communicating the needs of children in medicine, research, and innovation in the greater Washington, DC area with the founding of the iCAN chapter.


This group focuses on providing children with past clinical experience, experience using hospital services, chronic medical conditions and/or take medication regularly, and/or an interest in medicine and/or research, opportunities to share their experience with key stakeholders and learn more about child health.


As a part of this strategic collaboration, we will focus on two core objectives:

  • Education Initiative: Providing educational “field days” to our core group of iCAN members, focused on the clinical, research, and policy/advocacy elements of health and health care. Field days will include tours of the Children’s National facilities, presentations by faculty and staff, and exposure to different professions in each arena of health care.

  • Feedback Initiative: Month-to-month opportunities for the iCAN members to provide feedback on different projects at Hope for Henry. Examples include Hope for Henry’s Super Rewards for Super Kids procedure-based incentive program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is unique about your location?

A: Washington, DC a global epicenter for health advocacy. As an iCAN DC member, you will have an opportunity to work with the nations’ leading pediatric innovator, Hope for Henry. Based in Washington, DC, Hope for Henry is working with hospitals throughout the country to reinvent the patient experience.


Q: If I join the iCAN DC chapter, what should I expect?

A: As a member of our chapter, you should expect to engage with hospitals, researchers, and other partners in the public and private sector, provide input on research ideas, innovative solutions, unmet pediatric needs and priorities, contribute to the design and implementation of programs children, and serve as a critical voice for children and families in the medical, research and innovation process


Q: Are you accepting new members?

A: Yes! We are accepting new members. Please contact one of the personnel below, and we will help you learn how to join.


Q: How frequently does your iCAN chapter meet?

A: Currently, we meet once a month to either

(1) discuss and provide feedback on a specific project or idea or

(2) attend a field day e.g., clinical, research, or policy/advocacy. 


Contact us at:

Lea Failla:

"What makes our iCAN KIDS Hope for Henry Great"

After participating with iCAN, here is what one of our families shared:   

"She (iCAN youth member) absolutely loved it.  She found the experience to be very profound and in fact now wants to work to be a psychologist in a hospital setting.”

To learn more about iCAN, joining or chapter or sponsoring an event, visit or send an email to  

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