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Malou Luchtenberg KIDS Netherlands
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Welcome to iCAN KIDS Netherlands 

We are so glad to be here.  As a small group of graduate students, our core mission is helping to create research to better improve our community and world. Check out our video below to learn more about what we do and how we hope to help iCAN.  




"What makes our iCAN KIDS Netherlands Great"

KIDS Netherlands is just starting up - but these passionate members have been with iCAN for a long time.  At their first visit to the iCAN 2019 Summit held in Kansas City, MO, the team presented an abstract poster, participated in activities to support improvements in pediatric clinical research, and shared their voices for care for kids around the world.  Most recently, KIDS Netherlands participated in the iCAN 2020 Summit, held virtually, to share their current research abstract (pictured above).  The poster was submitted in both Dutch and English.   


To learn more about the work being done visit:

"Researchers in the Netherlands have published their results showing decreased sepsis severity after deploying HeRo in their unit." 

iCAN invites you to meet our KIDS Netherlands Chapter leader and the scientific team behind her.

  • Chapter leader:

Malou Luchtenberg, MD, PhD (‘student’ for now, but PhD after Jan 20st)

  • Other scientific team members:              

Els Maeckelberge, PhD

Eduard Verhagen, MD, JD, PhD

  • Our contact e-mail address is:

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