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Welcome to iCAN KIDS Rady!

Who We Are...

Welcome to iCAN KIDS-Rady! Where you can “be a part of something bigger than yourself!” 

Is your middle or high schooler interested in changing the world through advocacy, community service, and healthcare research? Do they have previous experience as a patient and want to use their voice to advocate for others? Join our iCAN (International Children's Advisory Network) chapter, where young minds come together to be a community voice in healthcare for our Southern California patients & families while gaining volunteer, networking, and leadership experience. The Kids-Rady chapter enables 7th through 12th graders in San Diego to advocate for their peers and grow as individuals for a more promising tomorrow. 

“I wanted to join iCAN because of its sense of community and advocacy. As a young adult struggling with chronic migraines and other illnesses, hospital visits have become a norm. By joining iCAN, I can share my experiences with professionals and learn from other like-minded teens/young adults with the same goal of making a difference in pediatric healthcare.” - Shannon, iCAN-Rady Chapter member 

“This year, we have had so much fun at in-person events and doing community service to help Rady Children’s. One experience that has been most meaningful to me was spending time with young children living with diabetes at a recent health fair. Supporting these young children and learning to understand and empathize with what they are experiencing was an incredible experience. I can’t wait to do more and be able to help other kids and teens.” - Lindsay, iCAN-Rady Chapter Vice President


On Going Chapter Projects...

  • We participate in community service projects through Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego such as health education programming.

  • Our chapter fundraises and attends charitable walks as a team to raise awareness about important health issues. 

  • We have chapter meetings on a regular basis over Zoom and in-person where we do chapter business, make decisions about our projects and events, and hear from health care professionals and leaders at Rady Children’s including physicians, nurses, and business leaders in finance, legal and advocacy. At a recent event we met the emergency transportation team and two of the Rady therapy dogs!

  • Our chapter reviews and provides feedback on patient education materials.

  • We create monthly newsletters that are distributed in hospital playrooms and clinics to help teenage patients pass the time and reduce anxiety in a healthcare setting. Something made for teens by teens!

_Rady Children's January Newsletter.png
_Rady Children's January Newsletter copy.png

“The newsletter is meant for teens to read and complete in the hospital, not just as a fun way to pass time, but to also make the teen's hospital experience just a little bit better! ... Upon joining, I learned to take the initiative and gained better collaboration and communication skills as a result. Hearing patient feedback regarding the newsletter through hospital team members has shown me how powerful my input and voice are in the setting of iCAN and in hospitals and how they are valued and can spark change, inspiring me to use them more.” - Hannah Eghtedari, iCAN-Rady Chapter President

2023 iCAN Summit Hosts

As 2023 iCAN Summit hosts, we are hard at work preparing for the Summit in San Diego and setting up our members to be active leaders on the global scale!

Email to join today!

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