KIDS Uganda


Welcome to iCAN KIDS Uganda

KIDS Uganda is supported by the SWEDEN UGANDA AID (SWEDUGA) HEALTH CENTRE based in Katwadde Village and the Chairperson of For Healthy Sisters (FHS) in Kaziru Village in Masaka District of Uganda. 


"We are so grateful to be accepted as the Ugandan KIDS Chapter. KIDS UGANDA is so honored to be the
voice and actions of the many of our youth/children are struggling with complex medical issues or live
with chronic or rare disease, and to make matters worse, in rural communities many youths haven’t got
an opportunity to have diagnosed medical condition.  KIDS UGANDA pledges to interested these
children more in having their voices heard by individuals, industry, and lawmakers who can make a
difference in pediatric healthcare particularly in rural communities that so much neglected.  We
welcome anyone, organization, etc. that feels touched to work with KIDS UGANDA. "

"What makes our iCAN KIDS Uganda Chapter Great"

KIDS Uganda has a dedicated focus to improve pediatric medicine, to raise the awareness about the importance of children’s involvement in the clinical trials and to define priorities for future research. 


KIDS Uganda believes that engaging children in health awareness programs can hugely help to reduce the silence attached to some healthy matters. KIDS Uganda is passionate about collaboration and seeks to improve pediatric care around the world through joining forces to share youth voices. 

KIDS Uganda is delighted to be a part of iCAN Research.  To contact or join KIDS Uganda, please send an email to the chapter leader Sylvia Nakirangwa, Nurse and Chairperson For Healthy Sisters at