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Welcome to iCAN KIDS Moorfields Eye!


Greetings from London, UK! KIDS Moorfields Eye started meeting in Spring 2019 and focuses on research about children’s eye and vision conditions. We are aged 9-17 years with conditions that affect eyes and vision, plus some children and young people who have taken part in eye and vision research projects or are just interested in research. We are part of Generation R, which is the umbrella organization for YPAGs (Young People’s Advisory Groups for Research) in England.

"What makes our iCAN KIDS Moorfields Eye Chapter Great"

Our group meets 5-6 times a year (face to face or online) to learn about research methods and ethics and give eye and vision researchers advice about their projects. We have worked on lots of different projects including learning about different parts of the eye and what can go wrong, for example short-sightedness or eye allergies. We have also helped researchers find out where children and young people who have a sight impairment and cannot see well go to find information, like websites, social media etc. One of the adults who helped set up the group, Jacqueline Miller, is doing a PhD (a long research project) about how children and young people who have experience of a condition can help design research projects. Members of the group are helping her with her research.


We also run our group as a co-production team. That means that everybody’s voice has the same importance, and we share important decisions as a group. We have spoken at national and
international conferences and events.  In 2020 our group won a Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre ‘patient and public involvement and engagement’ award – you can read more about this here:  As of June 22, 2021, our newest chapter leader, Jane Clipston also works at the Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre located at


We also did a radio interview about a project we were involved in about artificial intelligence and research data. You can listen to the interview podcast here

For more information about who we are and what we do have a lot at our webpage and the blog posts we write about our meetings: ​ We really hope to meet members of other iCAN chapters in the future. 

Contact us at:

Annegret Dahlmann-Noor:

Jane Clipston:

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