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Welcome to iCAN KIDS Moorfields Eye!

KIDS Moorfields Eye is here! 


Greetings from London, UK! We are a group of children age 8-16 years with conditions that
affect eyes and vision, plus some children and young people who have taken part in
research projects as healthy volunteers or are simply interested in research. We meet 5-6
times a year to learn about research methods and ethics, and give researchers advice about
their projects. We talk about all the different parts of the eye and what can go wrong, for
example in short-sightedness or eye allergies. We have also helped researchers find out
where children and young people who have a sight impairment and cannot see well go to
find information, like websites, social media etc. We are part of Generation R, which is the
umbrella organisation for all YPAGs (Young People’s Advisory Group for Research) in


"What makes our iCAN KIDS Moorfields Eye Chapter Great"

KIDS Ours is a special group, because we focus on eye and vision problems. Another thing that
makes us great is that we want to run our group as a co-production team. That means that
everybody’s voice has the same importance, and we share important decisions as a group.
One of the adults who set up the group, Jacqueline Miller, is doing a PhD (a long research
project) about how children and young people who have experience of a condition can help
design research projects. Another researcher who has been with us from the start is Dr
Louca-Mai Brady, who links us in with interesting events about children’s rights and
children’s voices. With help from Jacq and Annegret, who is an eye doctor for children, we
have presented our work at two international conferences, the World Association of Eye
Hospitals and the World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. We are very
excited about joining and hope to make friends at the iCAN summits.

To learn more about joining KIDS Moorfields Eye, please contact Annegret Dahlmann-Noor at