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Pill Swallowing?

During July, 2019, iCAN asked our members (non-identified, all ages), at what age did they learn to swallow a pill?


We received 30 unique respondents and the data shows that the majority of respondents learned at age 4. Next, there was a tie with ages 3 and under and 8 and older, identifying six respondents for each.  

Understanding this data helps to better understand how to help teach children of all ages how to swallow a pill, through the use of appropriate learning materials as well as medicine and technology innovation.  

Limited Screen Time?

During March of 2019, we asked our youth members if they monitor screen time. Screen time is defined as use on cell phones, television, video games, iPADs and other electronic devices such as computers.  In a close outcome, 20 of our respondents said that they do monitor screen time, however, almost as many, 18 respondents said they do not. As the younger generation continues to grow up with ever larger amount of opportunity to utilize technology, the lasting impact is still not known as to what the correct amount of usage should be for young people and screens. Click below for a formal review of screen time by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  

Sugar Soda?

During February 2019, iCAN asked the following: In the state of California, a new law bans sugar drinks from being served with children's meals. Do you agree or disagree? The majority of patients voted  at a close 57.1% to disagree with the California Ban. No matter which way you lean, it is important to note the American Heart Association advises no more than 6 tablespoons of sugar consumption for children, per day. To read more about this study, click below.  

Vaping Safe?

During the month of January, we polled our readers to uncover the current thinking of whether vaping was safe or not safe. While the majority of our respondents (77%) believe that vaping is NOT safe, almost one quarter of the total respondents do feel that vaping is safe. With this snapshot, iCAN aligns with the overall health community in their belief that the public needs more awareness, and education about the risks of vaping, e-cigarettes, and other smokeless drug devices.


Get Vaccinated?

To find out what our community thinks about who should be vaccinated, we asked our iCAN members to vote who the key decision maker should be in determining who gets vaccinated. The result heavily favored having all people vaccinated regardless of opinion.  

Favorite Ice Cream?

To find out what types of ice cream are most preferred in a hospital setting, we asked our iCAN members which flavor they most preferred. Most respondents chose Chocolate, however a surprising number of patients selected Spaced Out Lunar Eclipse. You may ask yourself, what flavor is that?  The answer is quite simple... a flavor, by title alone, that makes young patients feel happy. Perhaps happiness is the best medicine!  

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