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AAP National Conference and Exhibition 2019

NEW ORLEANS, LA - Next week kicks off the 2019 American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition (AAP NCE) to be held at the New Orleans Convention Center from October 25th - 29th. This event is one of the largest pediatric health care conventions in the nation as it draws over 10,000 medical professionals such as pediatricians, researchers, scientists, advocates, and pharma representatives, and offers over 400 sessions in 70 emerging topic areas to help children achieve the highest standards in health.

As an attendee and also, as a presenter, iCAN will be sharing new collaborative research as well as hosting a booth within the exhibition hall throughout the weekend - Monday, October 28th.

During the scientific poster session KIDS Florida Authors, Jeff Simpson*, Dominic Schneider, Josie Schneider, Meagan Schneider, Sam Schneider, Scott Needle, Sharon Smith, Calvin Thompson, Charles K. Thompson, Georgia, Van Heusen, Charles A. Thompson, will be sharing their original abstract titled, "Disaster Preparedness Among Pediatric Healthcare Providers". This important topic is a continuation of work that began at the 2019 AAP NCE as KIDS Florida youth members participated in a panel question and answer session to explain how kids perceive the difficulties of disasters, school shooting violence and other unplanned/unforeseen tragic events.

This year's iCAN booth will be hosted by iCAN President, Leanne West and Director, Amy Ohmer. Our iCAN Founder, Dr. Charlie Thompson, as well as iCAN Secretary, Dr. Chester Koh, will also be making appearances throughout the weekend. iCAN will be sharing a limited supply of 2019 iCAN Summit branded t-shirts and will share details on starting an iCAN chapter, becoming a sponsor and submitting a presenter request for the 2020 iCAN Summit to be held in Lyon, France from July 13th-17th.

iCAN 2018 AAP NCE (L-R - Amy Ohmer, Leanne West, Charlie Thompson, Meagan Schneider)

If you have not attended AAP NCE before, we urge you to stop by and say hello. The 2019 National Conference will feature plenary sessions on front-line topics such as advocacy, interactive media, climate change, physician wellness, substance use and housing security. Speakers include Sonya Sotomayer and Josh Shipp, the author of Power of One.

To learn more about the AAP NCE or to register, visit: and watch our iCAN social media under iCAN Research for up-to-the-minute updates on the weekend long event!


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