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Check Out Eli Lilly's Elixir Factor Podcast Starring iCAN Youth Members

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - To kick off 2021, Eli Lilly graciously invited the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN) to share the voice of two expert youth members to talk about chronic conditions, innovation, and what being a member of iCAN means to them. The Elixir Factor, Lilly’s podcast hosted by Joe Kim, senior advisor of clinical operations and data registry, explores the factors that inspire bold advances in science, innovation and the resilience required to change history.

(Editors Note: During the history of the Elixir Factor podcast, this is the very first time special guests included children and wow, are we blown away by the amazing impact of their voices.}

Olivia Ohmer and Kyan Sherman Cervatti at the 2019 Kansas City iCAN Summit

As Eli Lilly explains; "Kids have a lot of insight, and the health care industry has much to learn from them. For starters, their situations are unique, ranging from specialized peer dynamics to school activities to autonomy differences. Pediatric research takes collaboration from many stakeholders, including regulators, clinicians, industry experts and payers. And let’s not forget parents, caregivers and the patients for it to be successful. iCAN, empowers pediatric patients worldwide by creating a better understanding about the importance of pediatric patient and caregiver voices in health care, clinical trials and research. Joe talks with Olivia Ohmer and Kyan Sherman Cervati, two amazing kids with type 1 diabetes, about the factors that inspired them to become advocates for pediatric research. Joe also talks to Amy Ohmer, executive director of iCAN, and Courtney Tate, principal research scientist in pediatric capabilities at Lilly, about why raising awareness for this research is critical to improve pediatric health care, medicine and innovation around the world."

To learn more visit The Elixir Factor Season 3, episode 1, to hear what Kyan and Olivia think about supporting pediatric clinical research and why iCAN continues to be the voice of children around the world at ( For the latest events and opportunities at iCAN, visit #iCANMakeADifference #iCAN #Elililly #lilly #ElixirFactor #Podcast

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