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Choose iCAN - Giving Tuesday

ATLANTA, GA - This Tuesday, December 3rd is globally known as 'Giving Tuesday', a day in which we open our hearts around the world, and choose to give generously to non-profit organizations such as our International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN).

This Tuesday, we share the importance of choosing iCAN on Giving Tuesday.

By choosing iCAN, you are sharing the value of the providing opportunities for our youth members (children ages 8-18) to share their expertise in living with rare, chronic, and complicated diagnosis.

By choosing iCAN, you are supporting the education of future leaders in pediatric healthcare, science, research, technology, and advocacy. Our youth members have the desire to improve the world and to make sure that every child has an opportunity to share their voice.

By choosing iCAN, you are creating an environment that supports cultural, societal, economic, and health needs. Our youth members come from 26 chapters, on four continents around the world (and counting), and through iCAN, we know that each child represents a unique and valuable viewpoint to help create a stronger, more vibrant, and complete representation of the pediatric medical community.

Join us and be part of the power of generosity to improve the lives of children through better clinical research, improved medicines and medical devices, necessary clinical treatments, access to pediatric healthcare, and a stronger pediatric patient-focused community.

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