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Happy Holidays from Your Friends at iCAN

Dear Friends of the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN),

Thank you for supporting our important mission of creating global projects and opportunities for children, many of whom are living with rare, chronic, and complicated conditions, as they share their voice within pediatric clinical research, medicine, innovation, science, and healthcare.

Your generous support has allowed us to ensure that all children, from anywhere, are able to be heard and included within our community, making pediatric voice a focus and priority in everything we do.

Thank you for committing to our youth members, and to iCAN. With your wonderful help, we can look forward to a very bright 2022 and beyond.

Happy Holidays from your friends at iCAN,

Charlie Thompson - Founder

Leanne West - President

Christine Woods - Vice-President

Chester Koh - Secretary

Jon Haygood - Treasurer

Amy Ohmer - Director

Please visit us at to learn more

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