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iCAN and Global Genes Partner on Financial Advocacy in RARE (FAIR)

ATLANTA, GA - Thanks to a strong network of collaboration, Global Genes, along with several other terrific community partners including the International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN) are happy to announce the release of the newest resource for Young Adult Financial Advocacy in Rare. The guide may be accessed HERE.

Featuring iCAN, Global Genes' Young Adult Financial Advocacy Resource Guide is the ultimate guide to financial support. This guide provides information and tools to help young adults have purposeful conversations with their family and care providers about care transitions. iCAN Director, Amy Ohmer further explains, "Transition of care is a winding road for most young adults. Some patients may continue to utilize parent's health insurance while others may need to seek new options. Care doesn't just stop with insurance though, and through this guide, young adults can better understand how to tackle ordering supplies, finding advocates, transitioning to adult care, college, work and more."

Whether young adults are heading to college, into the workforce, or living at home with parents, this guide provides information on how to get health insurance coverage, find healthcare providers who understand young adult needs, and how to advocate when care is needed.

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