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iCAN joins Global Genes to Support Pediatric Rare Disease

Aliso Viejo, May 3, 2019 - The International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN) has joined forces with Global Genes to share the importance of advocating for support throughout the pediatric rare disease community.

Much like the iCAN network, Global Genes is a consortium of advocates, partners and collaborators who are relentless in their efforts to affect change. To date, Global Genes represents more than 540 rare disease organizations aligned in partnership to leverage collective knowledge, experience, and strengths as a way to combat the many challenges of living with rare disease. As a partner with iCAN, through the combined support of both organizations, pediatric voices will now be better represented.

iCAN, through collaboration with Global Genes, has partnered as a "Rare Foundation Member", joining other nonprofit foundations to create a stronger, collective voice in the rare disease community.

Both iCAN and Global Genes understand that by connecting diverse expertise and experience, it will create measurable change within the rare disease community in advocacy, educational awareness, and public policies that advance treatments and cures for rare disease and improve the lives of pediatric patients and families.  

To view the list of community partners through Global Genes, visit

If you would like to create an iCAN chapter and join in through work with Global Genes and other advisory groups, please visit

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