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iCAN joins PTN at #PAS2019

During #PAS2019, the Pediatric Trials Network will be hosting a symposium to help share pediatric voices on the importance of clinical research. iCAN was chosen to help in this endeavor by bringing two youth members to share their stories on Sunday, April 28th from 7:30 to 11:00 p.m. in Baltimore, MD. After an open call to all of our chapters, two young people were selected Sophia Klaudt (age 16) and Reece Ohmer (age 17). Both youth members have participated in several clinical trials as a way to better help not only their own care, but the care of other young people around the world. The symposium, led by Gary Furda, Program Manager, Pediatric Trials Network at Duke Clinical Research Institute is a way to inspire clinicians, scientists and researchers to involve the young person at the very orgin of a clinical trial.

The symposium will begin with a brief overview of the PTN and the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act (BPCA), which aims to encourage the pharmaceutical industry to perform pediatric studies to improve labeling for medical products used in children. Perdita Taylor-Zapata, Pediatric Medical Officer at the NICHD, and Kanecia Zimmerman, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Duke University School of Medicine, will provide opening remarks.

Three presentations will follow:

Matthew Laughon of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Kelly Wade of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will provide real-world applications of PTN’s work and discuss the impact of clinical research in practice. Sophia Klaudt (age 16) and Reece Ohmer (age 17), and their parents Julia Klaudt and Amy Ohmer, will serve as adolescent/family participants in a panel discussion on how researchers can better engage with participants and caregivers. Janice Sullivan of the University of Louisville will spotlight partnering opportunities and work being done within and across research networks.

The symposium will conclude with a discussion of future opportunities for the PTN and pediatric research by Perdita Taylor-Zapata.

To learn more, register here

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