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iCAN Launches the Pediatric Innovation Network Channel

SAN DIEGO, California - In collaboration with Precision Story, the International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN) has launched a unique series of learning videos designed for spotlighting the pediatric research, science, innovation, and medicine through the new iCAN Pediatric Innovation Network (PIN). The new iCAN PIN channel focuses on sharing three important resources: Ask the Experts, iCAN Explains, and Destination Innovation (coming to PIN soon) for kids and families and the greater pediatric healthcare community.

As Precision Story shares, many prefer to learn by watching versus reading, but businesses continue to predominately tell their stories in text. Precision Story changes this by blending the best of Netflix and YouTube to provide an effective platform for video storytelling. To learn more about Precisio

n Story, click HERE.

iCAN will share stories often, so be sure to check back to PIN frequently through this link

To learn more about iCAN, visit #iCAN #iCANMakeADifference #PrecisionStory #PediatricInnovationNetwork #PIN #Netflix #iCANVideos

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