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iCAN President, Leanne West Joins Patient Advisory Committee -Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research

ATLANTA, GA - At the heart of the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN) is the desire to ensure that patients are at the center of research, innovation, science, medicine, and advocacy so that there can be better outcomes, treatments, and eventually a cure for all. iCAN President, Leanne West not only believes in patient-centered care, but lives it too. Diagnosed with Sarcoidosis 13 years ago, Leanne has been instrumental within iCAN to create opportunities for patient engagement and to share her own unique patient experience. Shared Leanne, " Along with my work as iCAN President, as the Chief Engineer of Pediatric Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology where I develop medical technologies, I also want to make sure that the patient voice is taken into consideration in everything we do. Patients are experts."

As a patient advocate, Leanne was asked to join the Patient Advisory Committee, at the Foundation for Sarcoidosis in which Leanne will share support to other patients living with acute, chronic and rare forms of Sarcoidosis. The Patient Advisory Committee was created out of a need to identify and fill gaps in the patient community in relation to research projects and advancement, patient education, and communication. The Patient Advisory Committee represents a diverse group of sarcoidosis patients and caregivers who will use their patient experience to help fill the gaps in patient voice representation within the sarcoidosis community.

From the Foundation for Sarcoidosis website,, there is a similar alignment to the support for patients that iCAN offers. "Patients can be KEY elements in progress toward better treatments and a cure. We are committed to informing the public about the disease and the dire need for increased funding, as this will in turn advance research and an understanding of the disease."

To learn more about getting involved throughout iCAN, visit or to get involved with the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Foundation, visit

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