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iCAN Research joins FDA Patient Engagement Advisory Meeting

November 10th, 2018 - Jake Haygood and Hampton Woods attended and presented remarks at the second subcommittee meeting for the FDA Patient Engagement Advisory Committee. With Paul T. Conway as the chairman, this subcommittee focuses on the integration of patient voice in the development of medical devices and research and study design. The meeting started out with a presentation by Thomas Gross, M.D., MPH, on the applications of postmarket regulatory tools supporting the use of patient-generated health data. This presentation was followed by a series of talks on FDA and industry use of patient voice and data, as well as methods of creating a bi-directional conversation between patient and clinician. After the talks from members of the FDA and industry leaders, the public gave remarks to the subcommittee. During this segment, Woods and Haygood gave an overview of iCAN and gave a brief overview of various technology-related projects in which both youth members from KIDS Georgia are involved. This subcommittee, as well as its leadership,  has profound implications for the future of patient involvement in research and innovation and marks a new era of innovation through patient involvement.

Thank you to Hampton and Jake for writing and sharing this article for our iCAN Research network.

FDA meets with iCAN Research
Jake Haygood (left) and Hampton Woods (Right) representing iCAN Research at the November 14, 2018 FDA Meeting

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