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iCAN Seeks New Parent Council Lead for 2021 - 2023

ATLANTA, Ga - With the two-year tenure of the International Children's Advisory Council, Inc. (iCAN) Parent Council Leadership role coming to a close, it is with deep gratitude that we reach out to thank Kirsten Sherman Cervatti, iCAN KIDS Virtual for her endless dedication to ensuring the leadership and support of the iCAN Parent Council. Kirsten leaves the role with a robust patient-centered legacy for our iCAN Parents Council. As a mom to two boys, one living with chronic healthcare needs, Kirsten has led the iCAN Parent Council with a deep understanding of what it means for parents to be involved throughout iCAN by sharing her unique healthcare experiences. Having traveled to multiple in-person iCAN summits, and bringing both her expertise of pediatric clinical research through her role at PRA Health Science, and her parenting stories, Kirsten has shared new ideas to help support the inclusion of children's voice throughout iCAN.

To support the continuation of new ideas and expert insight from our Parent Council, iCAN invites any interested parent to share in the nomination of a new iCAN Parent Council Chair for 2021 - 2023.

As an iCAN volunteer, the role includes both an opportunity for personal and professional development, but also, an opportunity to give back to the community of pediatric healthcare. While iCAN is focused on the support of children around the world, there is a critically important need to create and develop programming that aligns with the best interests of parents and family. Having insight to this role will ensure a more thoughtful approach to all kid-focused activities, events, and opportunities, including the annual iCAN Summit. Outlined are some of the key skills and requirements for serving as the iCAN Parent Council Chair.

· Support the mission and vision of iCAN

· Engage in positive global philanthropy to encourage support of research, science, innovation, and medicine.

· Meet parents and kids from around the world.

· Receive a seat on the iCAN Advisory Board.

· Engage within the greater iCAN community.

· Must be motivated, enjoy helping kids & share a passion for leading.

· 2-year commitment and 1-2 hours per month of time.

· Share iCAN events on social media.

· Engage other parents in iCAN.

· Provide input to the Advisory. Board as a representative of parent population.

· Create and review materials. relevant to iCAN parent activities.

· Assist the iCAN Director with parent council tasks.

· Have fun and support iCAN at the same time

After the role as iCAN Parent Chair has ended, parents can continue to support the mission and vision. This allows for as many voices as possible to help support inclusion, diversity, and awareness of a global community. iCAN looks forward to continuing to hear from Kirsten as she transitions into a parent liaison and further supports iCAN in new opportunities.

All interested parents should submit an email of interest for Parent Council Chair no later than April 15th, 2021 to iCAN will review and select one parent to serve starting at the iCAN 2021 Summit to be held virtually from July 12th- 16th. To learn more about iCAN, visit

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