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iCAN Spotlights Hearts Connected

ATLANTA, Georgia - The International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN) is putting a spotlight on a terrific organization call Hearts Connected. Hearts Connected is a professional organization supporting children through challenging situation. Through Hearts Connected, Certified Child Life Specialists serve parents and children within the United States. They offer private, convenient, customized, and affordable services; supporting parents, caregivers and children through grief, difficult transitions, anxiety and any difficult circumstance.

As shared on the Hearts Connected website at, families can seek support through:

  • Preparing families for procedures, medical or dental visits, and doctor appointments

  • Helping parents through conversations regarding grief, loss, and end of life circumstances

  • Supporting kids in overcoming medical challenges with medications and fear of doctor visits

  • Navigating discussions related to life transitions such as divorce, imprisonment, or deployment.

  • Helping children understand a new diagnosis and navigating the care that is involved

  • Support for the sibling of the child with special needs.

  • Developing success strategies for new routines virtual learning and social distancing

This invaluable service to support children and families has been instrumental in creating balance and well-being. To learn more about Hearts Connected, visit www.heartsconnected. org. To further engage with an iCAN chapter or to support kids through sharing their voices, visit

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