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iCAN Youth Members In Action

ATLANTA, GA - As an organization whose members are kids, the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN) has helped to impact our future youth leaders through providing opportunities for children to succeed within science, advocacy, innovation,technology and medical fields. iCAN believes that there are no limits for the abilities of our youth to follow and achieve their dreams.

To spotlight a few of our youth members, we have created this link to share what kids within iCAN are working on, and how it has helped them to continue into higher education and even as they have sought career pathways.

Today's spotlight focuses three of our youth members that are helping to change the world through their belief that #iCANMakeADifference by collaborating, sharing, and supporting improvements in pediatric medicine, clinical research, and advocacy.

First, meet Scott Koh, a 15-year old youth member from KIDS Houston.  iCAN at Scott's house is shared with his entire family as his sister, and both parents are part of the iCAN family. It was no surprise, that after taking a class at Scott's school, he wanted to share his learnings of iCAN with his classmates through a project designed to support clinical research. To learn more about Scott, head over to his youth page here.

Next, we invite you to read more about Nick Frederico, a member of KIDS Connecticut, whom helped to launch iCAN back in 2015. Nick shares his passion of learning throughout the global iCAN organization, and now, with the greater medical community as he completes his final year of medical school.   To read more about Nick, visit his page here.

Finally, we are sharing a spotlight on Emanuela, a 17-year old youth member from KIDS Bari. Emanuela attends a scientific school, but in her free time, enjoys drawing and cooking. Emanuela designed and created the 2019 Thank You in support of our iCAN community and industry leaders that encourage and collobrate with iCAN throughout the year. To view Emi's video, check out our youtube link.

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