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KIDS Barcelona Partners with Boston Children's To Support Teen In-Patients With New Ideas

BARCELONA, Spain - KIDS Barcelona and Boston Children's Hospital in partnership with the 2021 Mobile World Capital International Hackathon are working their initiatives to seek new innovative ways to create improved pediatric care for adolescents through support of the local community.

Mobile World Capital is an Informational Technology (IT) organization that meets annually in Barcelona for the "Mobile World Congress". To learn more, visit the website at . For this project, the Mobile World Capital will run a hackathon in parallel in both Barcelona, Spain and Boston, USA. This is open to anyone based in Barcelona or Boston with an interest in improving children's experience at the hospital: creatives, storytellers, educators, technologists, psychologists, etc. It is expected that there will be up to 150 participants per city (applications are in teams up to 3 people per city) with a focus on 50 teams of 6 people (3 from Barcelona - 3 from Boston) sharing new ideas for kids. The teams are focused on the following challenge areas (education, family, socialization, entertainment and mental health), in which they will create technology programs to support long-term adolescent (teen) hospital patients. KIDS Barcelona have been involved in co-creating the five challenges as group mentors and will then be leaders in selecting the winners of the hackathon. To help KIDS Barcelona with selection of the winners, the global chapter community of the International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN) has been included to participate as part of the final selection jury for the top ten finalists. The voting will be online and the platform is being finalized, with details to come soon.

Next steps: 1.) Interested iCAN Chapter Leaders to sign up their chapter youth to participate using this form by April 15th, 2021 2.) The online voting event will be on 5/24/2021 (Monday) at 6 pm CET - 12:00 noon EST. To learn more about iCAN KIDS Chapters like KIDS Barcelona, visit us at To start a chapter in your area or to join a chapter, send an email to

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