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KIDS Michigan - Five Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

EAST LANSING, MI - Holidays can be stressful for many and living with chronic, complicated or rare diagnosis, can make the days even tougher on your well-being. To help support full-bodied wellness, KIDS Michigan youth member, Reece Ohmer, created a simple five-part strategy to remind our iCAN youth members and their loved ones, how to stay healthy.

Ohmer, a freshman at Michigan State University, shared, "Living away from home this fall, I discovered that I needed a personal boost to ensure that I wasn't feeling overwhelmed with late night studying, stressful exams or a crazy schedule."

Ohmer further shared what helped most was having a reminder sheet in her room that was visually accessible as she was coming and going. This reminder sheet helped to prioritize the need to take care of herself. "By having something where I could see it, I was more likely to head to the gym, have a good meal, and feel ok about taking a nap if I needed it."

To create your own wellness reminder, iCAN suggests writing down things that make you feel better such as meditating, drinking more water, or going for a walk. Or print our helpful version below. Be sure to hang your wellness reminder in a place where you can see it and let us know how it helps you.

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