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KidsX brings together top children’s hospitals and health startups to create digital solutions

ATLANTA, GA - The International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN) is a proud to announce the support of KidsX, an international consortium of pediatric hospitals focused on improving digital health innovation through collaboration, has launched its Accelerator on September 1. Committed to solving the most pressing problems in pediatric care delivery, KidsX facilitates relationships between leading children’s hospitals and entrepreneurial innovators to build, test and deploy software solutions to make pediatric care exceptionally effective, safe, efficient and convenient for children and families.

“Despite the fact that pediatric patients make up 20 percent of the national patient population, pediatric digital health innovation has been placed on the backburner due to lack of funding and support,” says Omkar Kulkarni, MPH, Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Managing Director of KidsX. “KidsX is poised to be the national leader in pediatric digital health innovation by enabling collaboration between leading children’s hospitals to source, screen, prioritize, test and deploy purpose-built digital health solutions at scale.”

The largest pediatric-focused digital health accelerator in the world, the KidsX Accelerator is a 13-week virtual accelerator program designed to partner 10 talented, promising early stage digital health companies with clinician and administrative leaders at leading pediatric hospitals to determine if product/market fit exists within pediatric healthcare delivery. There are currently 40 KidsX pediatric hospitals committed to providing mentorship as entrepreneurs build digital products to meet the unique needs of pediatric patients and their families, piloting the products to validate clinical efficacy and enabling the scaling of validated solutions to hospitals across the country. Digital health startups are encouraged to sign up to take part in the KidsX Accelerator at

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