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Meet Dylan, Winner of the 2022 iCAN Written Essay Scholarship

ATLANTA, GA - The International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN) is pleased to announce the winner of the 2022 iCAN Written Essay Scholarship contest.

In Memory of Carolyn Little Baker

iCAN President, Leanne West, set up this scholarship in honor of her mother, Carolyn. Carolyn was a source of inspiration and a bright and sunny spirit, with a love of all children. Her spirit lives on, to support iCAN youth around the world.

Earlier this year, all iCAN Youth Members ages 8-18 were invited to honor the memory of Carolyn by writing an essay under the topic of "Why is iCAN Important to Me?".

Announcing the 20222 iCAN Written Essay Winner - Dylan Provenzano, KIDS Illinois

Dylan, a long-standing member of the iCAN KIDS Illinois Chapter, shared his feelings through the following essay:

"iCAN is very important to me. It’s helped highlight my character traits of compassion, empathy and determination, It allowed me to implement them in ways I never knew were possible. Not only am I helpful to others, but also a person that has and always will help others in need.

In the past, I would not have considered leadership. Now, I know I love it. Through iCAN and the Kids Advisory Board (KAB) at Lurie Children’s Hospital I now have the tools to understand that kids are able to make decisions about our bodies. We are able to make changes and help advocate for other patients that may not have the voice that I now do. Working with iCAN/KAB has allowed me to be brave enough to speak up for myself and for others.

I realize how important volunteer and advocacy are in life. I find ways to volunteer. I find myself drawn to making others feel better. If they smile or there is a change in their life, my life is changed for the positive. After 5 years at the hospital, 10 rounds of radiation, 8 surgeries, 98 days of chemotherapy in 2017 to only again in 2020, endure another excruciating 72 additional days of chemotherapy, I GET IT! You will often find me trying to help other children who have been medically challenged throughout their lives. I have raised countless amounts of money for research, make sure the shelves are stocked with food in the community rooms, I send out packages to teenage patients because I understand how hard it is to be in the hospital when your friends are not. Since I joined iCAN and KAB, I have been able to reach that many more kids and also help the adults see through a patient's eyes the importance of our voices."

Congratulations to Dylan!

Through unanimous vote by the iCAN Board of Directors, Dylan receives a one-time stipend of $500.00 usd to assist with travel expenses to attend the 2022 iCAN Summit presented by Jumo Health in Lyon, France. Dylan's winning written essay is also featured on the iCAN website at

Join iCAN in Supporting Youth Members Around the World

Scholarship opportunities for the in-person 2023 iCAN Summit will open on February 1st, 2023. iCAN is actively seeking donations to help support additional scholarships for youth members. To make a contribution, please contact iCAN at

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