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My Diagnosis Experience with Covid-19

By Heidi Woods - KIDS Georgia

As challenging as abruptly transitioning from her everyday life of school, dance, and hanging out with friends was for this KIDS Georgia teen, little did she realize that even bigger changes were to be revealed during her carefully planned shelter-in-place.

Earlier this week, after spotting an unusual symptom, Heidi Woods, learned that she tested positive for Covid-19. Click on the video link to hear her personal story and to learn the symptoms and signs of diagnosis. It may surprise you to learn of a key symptom that many kids are experiencing known as "Covid Toes". Thank you to Heidi for sharing her story and helping kids around the world through #iCANMakeADifference by better understanding how teens are coping during the pandemic.

If you would like additional information, check out our KIDS and Covid-19 page for the latest information.

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