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Pediatric Trials Network Unveils Lay Summary Video Starring iCAN KIDS Ohio Youth Member

RALEIGH-DURHAM, North Carolina - The International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN) in partnership with the Pediatric Trials Network (PTN) unveiled a special new video through iCAN Chapter KIDS Ohio to help focus on clinical research outcomes known as lay summaries.

As part of their focus on helping patients, PTN works to make medication safer and more effective for all children. Through their dedicated efforts, the team members at PTN share what is learned with research participants and the general public through lay summaries. To do this, families and children participate in clinical research trials and only through that effort is PTN able to share learnings about medicine. As PTN shared, "We appreciate every family who participates in research and makes this work possible."

For the most recent PTN lay summary, iCAN Youth Member Kenneth McCall III spent some time reviewing and recording a unique video perspective to help better share research findings. Understanding the importance of clinical research trials, Kenneth knows first hand to keep his body strong and healthy. Through Kenneth's vision and expertise as a young person, PTN gains valuable support and insight for their projects focusing on sharing pediatric clinical research.

To check out PTN and Kenneth's video, head over to

If you are an iCAN youth that would like to participate in creating a lay summary video like Kenneth, we invite you to reach out to us at to get started. Creating the video is fun and easy and we even do the recording virtually, so no travel is required. Helping others is what iCAN is all about!

To learn more about iCAN, visit

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