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Pepperdine University Creates Fun New Communication Activities for iCAN Youth Members

MALIBU, California - Pepperdine University in partnership with the International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN), created three unique activities to help support the communication skills needed for young people and adults to be effective in medical settings such as clinical research meetings, doctor's appointments, or through ongoing interactions within pediatric healthcare.

Led by Dr. Jaz Gray, the students at Pepperdine University broke into small groups and presented research on the best communication strategies for creating clear dialogue between young people and adults. From the research, the students were able to create unique multi-age appropriate communication strategies. The result is a short video with three separate activities in which young people and adults can practice their skills while learning fun tips on being heard, sharing ideas, and learning natural 'good-communication' body language clues.

To watch the video, please visit and select the Pepperdine University Communication Activities link at

The Pepperdine University Communication Video enhances the iCAN Educational Curriculum on "Understanding Clinical Research" and "Sharing Your Story", two modules designed to help educate youth members around the world. All content is freely available on the iCAN website at

Special thanks to Pepperdine University for supporting iCAN!

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