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RSVP to Join iCAN in the Exciting January 'Ask the Experts' Event

ATLANTA, GA - Kicking off the new year, the International Children's Advisory Network (iCAN) is proud to unveil the continuation of a new series of innovative discussions designed by kids for kids. This unique series of interactive events are aimed at providing youth around the world with an opportunity to ask questions to career experts while gaining exciting first-hand knowledge through their own participation in a small-group discussion.

The aim of the 'Ask the Experts' event is to further broaden educational growth amongst iCAN youth. Hosted by Dr. Anthony Chang, Doctor and Founder of AIMed, and the International Society of Pediatric Innovation (iSPI), the free monthly kid-friendly virtual series of discussions offers a unique opportunity to connect kids to field experts, something that iCAN youth members requested. Earlier in 2020, iCAN youth members participated in a survey to share feedback on what they wanted to learn more about as youth members within iCAN. Overwhelming, all topics within science, medicine, research, and innovation were requested.

With Dr. Chang's support, 2020 sessions for "Innovation within Medicine" and "Careers in Medicine" were well received. For the upcoming January 9th, 2021 session, 'Ask the Experts" will focus on "Opportunities for Growth" and the discussion will include the many pathways to including youth throughout the industry, with a special focus on internships and participation within iSPI and iCAN. All ages are invited to attend.

Registration for the January 9th, 2021, 10:00 a.m. eastern "Ask the Experts" event is limited and pre-registration is required at For questions regarding this event or about getting involved within iCAN, please send an email to

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