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Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) is partnering with iCAN to feature art created by iCAN members under the age of 18. Every submission that meets the criteria below will appear on the newly created website for pediatric research on Lilly TrialGuide. The iCAN leadership team will also include the images on the iCAN website.

We would like you to submit an image that reflects your experience with healthcare, whether a photo, drawing, sketch, poem, etc. Please check out the attached flyer. The key is to be creative and tell your story.

Here are the criteria for submission:

  • Content must be an artistic project – potential examples include but are not limited to a drawing, painting, hand-written poem, craft, graphic design, words of appreciation to health care workers or caregivers, pottery, or anything creative that can be submitted as an image file that reflects your experience with healthcare.

  • Content must not contain personal information (names, ages, or photos of people or faces) that could potentially be used to identify you or anyone else. Lilly reserves the right to exclude images the company views as identifiable, inappropriate, or derogatory in nature.

  • Content must be submitted to iCAN in an image format (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .pdf).

  • To submit your image, ask a parent or guardian to review the attached consent document and complete the required signatures.

  • Your parent or guardian must submit both the consent and the picture of the artwork as attachments and email to by June 30th. Please use “Thank You Artwork” as your subject line

  • To be considered for use on the Lilly TrialGuide website, all submissions must be accompanied by a signed consent.

Thank you for your participation!

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