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Sing Me A Story Creates Beautiful Music for Global iCAN Youth Members

NASHVILLE, Tennessee - This week, the International Children's Advisory Network, Inc (iCAN) and Sing Me A Story kicked off a new and exciting musical collaboration for a global group of youth members living with rare, complicated, and chronic medical conditions. In a wonderful alignment with iCAN to support youth in providing opportunities to share children's voices, Sing Me A Story's mission is to serve deserving families in need through sharing stories of children combined with the power of music.

From The Sing Me a Story Foundation "believes that the greatest gift in the world is the gift of giving. If we can give the children we serve the opportunity to give the one thing they all have regardless of circumstance, their imagination, and bring those imaginations to some of the largest microphones we can find in an effort to remind us all that we have more in common than we often attribute to ourselves, we will have accomplished our goal. We believe our world is a world destined to be united and if Sing Me a Story can be one small part of that - we will have achieved our mission."

Through the talents of Sing Me A Story, six iCAN youth members are working on their own individual songs to be showcased at the upcoming Jumo Health Presents the iCAN 2021 Virtual Summit. The summit to be held from July 12th - July 16th, 2021 will feature the personalized music of six of our young people from KIDS Bari, KIDS Virtual, KIDS Albania, and KIDS Houston, and our newly created Young Adult Professionals. Sing Me A Story connects professional singer-songwriters with each youth member and family to get an understanding of who the child is, what they like such as hobbies, families, pets, vacations or other important parts of life for the child. Once the story is shared, the singer-songwriter team sets the words to music, creating a lasting memory for a lifetime.

To hear the beautiful music of our iCAN Youth Members during the summit, early registration is encouraged at All are welcome to attend. To learn more about iCAN, visit

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