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Synchrogenix to Sponsor iCAN

WILMINGTON, Delaware - It is with great pleasure that the International Children's Advisory Network, Inc. (iCAN), announces a new 2021 sponsoring partnership with Synchrogenix, a Certara Company. Together, we believe in the power of voice by providing children living world-wide with chronic, rare, and complicated conditions opportunities to share their expertise and experiences throughout pediatric healthcare. Synchrogenix was founded on the principles of ethical business practices and high-quality work. It is a learning-oriented organization with a strong commitment to the idea that every individual—regardless of experience level—has something to teach and something to learn. As a sponsoring partner of iCAN, this belief system aligns perfectly with the need to make sure that every child, everywhere has an opportunity to support pediatric healthcare improvement, design, innovation, and implementation.

The Synchrogenix Mission: Providing regulatory and communications strategy, science, and solutions to life science companies worldwide. Our regulatory expertise and innovative technology bridges the full regulatory continuum to propel treatments to the market by meeting the needs of all stakeholders and improving public health outcomes.

The Synchrogenix Vision: To revolutionize global healthcare by delivering transformative and innovative approaches to regulatory and communications strategy, science, and solutions. To build next generation talent, solutions and technology that remove barriers and create efficient pathways to treatment and information.

Interested in sponsoring iCAN? Join us at or send an email to to get started today.

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