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Welcome Jon Haygood, iCAN's New Tresurer and Steering Committee Member

iCAN warmly welcomes Jon Haygood to serve as Treasurer within the 2019 Executive Steering Committee. Haygood serves as the Director of Finance and chair of the Financial Planning and Budgeting Council for Atlanta-based Southern Company (NYSE: SO), a leading U.S. energy company serving 9 million customers with clean, safe, reliable, and affordable electricity and natural gas. He is currently serving or has served on the boards of directors for multiple small start-up companies in treasury/financial advisory roles. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and is married to his high school sweetheart Emily. Together they have two sons Jake and Sam who are both active members of KIDS Georgia and iCAN.

Jon began involvement with iCAN and KIDS Georgia in 2015 as a parent, has attended four research and advocacy summits with his family, and has personally seen the benefits of sharing and hearing experiences of other parents and kids. iCAN has created educational, social, and professional opportunities for his children that are generally not open to kids. Jon also sees the immense impact the organization can have on the future of pediatric research and medicine and endeavors to ensure ICAN remains on strong financial footing well into the future.

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