Florida Tech/Scott Center/KIDS United

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Welcome to Florida Tech/Scott Center/KIDS United!


Florida Tech / Scott Center / KIDS United, launched in September, 2019. As a new chapter, located in Melbourne, Florida, the focus of this chapter is autism, and related disabilities.  We are delighted to offer this unique opportunity to our youth members to be a part of iCAN's second speciality chapter, along with KIDS Childhood Cancer.  

What Makes Florida Tech / Scott Center / KIDS United Special....

The Florida Tech and Scott Center KIDS United chapter is so excited to be a part of the iCAN family. We first learned of iCAN when Leanne West was invited as a distinguished visitor to the Florida Tech campus in May 2019. Ms. West discussed her work in technology innovation to solve real world medical issues as well as the work of the iCAN organization in bringing a voice to pediatric patients worldwide. 

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment and Research at Florida Tech was founded in 2009 with the threefold mission of clinical service, research and training. Individuals with autism have unique needs that may be overlooked during ongoing therapies or encounters with medical professionals. We are establishing the first autism-focused iCAN chapter to provide a means for children and adolescents affected by autism and related disorders to share their stories and connect with others in the community. We hope this chapter will lead to a better understanding of the experiences of individuals with ASD and ultimately improve medical and therapeutic service delivery for this population.

We are so glad Florida Tech / Scott Center / KIDS United are a part of iCAN!