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Youth Thoughts & Opinions

iCAN's Youth take on Eli Lilly's Elixir Factor Podcast

Hear from our youth. 



Hear from our youth. 

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Why is iCAN

Hear from our youth. 


What's it like to be a sick kid?

Hear from our youth. 


The Invisible Condition

A documentary on changing the perception of chronic pain 

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Why do kids participate in clinical research?

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How does iCAN

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2019 Summit Award Winner

Hear from Kaylee 


Providers should speak directly to me and not my parent. I’ve had to wave my arms and say “I’m right here!”

One time a nurse came in on his day off just to play Wii with me.

I vouched for my mom when the doctors didn’t listen to her. She’s with me every day, all day long.

My nurse practitioner talks about stuff way beyond my diagnosis – it borders on gossip! What’s happening at school, friends, etc… it makes me want to go to clinic.

I like it when my physician introduces himself and says “Call me John”.

It’s always kind of funny when the nurse says “I hope I never see you again.”

I don’t like it when the doctors talk over me. You have to learn to advocate for yourself.

Don’t make up an answer. I’d rather you say you don’t know. I can tell if you are holding back an answer. I don’t want pity.

My doctor retired; I still text him when I get good test results and he texts me back “good job!”

We went to my NP’s retirement party; she was pretty young when I started seeing her – she’d been with me throughout most of my life.

I asked “am I going to die?” and my nurse said “yes.” – I started crying.

They restricted my visitors because I needed rest. (The rest of the group moaned loudly and all said “I hate it when they do that!”)

Nurses are the unsung heroes.

My nurse wasn’t a sugar-coater. I had three shunt revisions in a month and said “I’m probably going to be back here in a month” and she said “you probably are.”

I am a part of the future who wants to make a difference.

I love working with Residents. When they admit what they’re scared of – that was really eye-opening for me.

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