Youth Council

The iCAN Youth Council is comprised of 25 individuals representing iCAN’s 19 chapters from 7 countries around the world. Along with participation in their own local chapters, youth council members represent their teams in monthly collaborations such as creating surveys to be distributed at pediatric conferences, lending input to local and international pediatric projects and documents, as well as helping to lend youth perspective on iCAN-related projects. The Youth Council is organized and run entirely by youth in the iCAN network and connect in-person annually at the iCAN Summit. The opinions and comments generated at each meeting are brought to the attention of the larger iCAN network through the Youth Council Chair at the monthly Board of Directors meeting. This novel organization structure not only allows young people opportunities to be at the forefront of research and innovation, it also empowers youth when they see their feedback being tangibly implemented.

-Vivian Tsang, Chair