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Including the whole family in patient engagement!

Who are our Siblings? 

  • Siblings are a keystone in anyone's family and an integral part of the extended support group. Siblings provide friendship, comfort, and often much-needed levity. The goal of the iCAN Siblings Chapter is to provide those same siblings, who are so essential, an avenue by which they can share their own stories. Siblings have a voice too, and they are deeply valued within the pediatric care system. Ultimately, the creation of the Siblings Chapter helps highlight an important experience for many people around the world. 

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The iCAN Siblings Chapter is a dynamic group dedicated to supporting iCAN and building community through siblings' stories and experiences.

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Be a part of the Siblings Chapter and...

  • Have a space to explore your own story as a sibling of someone familiar with pediatric healthcare

  • Developing and engaging with opportunities to support the youth voice

  • Be continuously active throughout your local community and the greater iCAN community

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Attend the Summit

Attend the summit as a member of the iCAN Siblings chapter! Meet peers and connect with friends while learning about healthcare topics. 2024's iCAN Research and Advocacy Summit (Presented by Jumo Health) will be in Bari, Italy on July 15 - 19.

KIDS Siblings Chapter Leader!

Heather Peterson, RN, BSN

Paediatric Strategy Liaison

Centre for Paediatric Clinical Development

Heather Peterson is a registered nurse and serves as a Pediatric Strategy Liaison with one of the worlds leading clinical research organizations.  Through personal experiences Heather recognizes the stress siblings face when a loved one suffers from a chronic condition.  The Sibling Chapter will provide a safe outlet for all siblings while forming lifelong friendships. 

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