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"Having the opportunity to watch youth and their parents, learn and grow in their knowledge of clinical research and how they can impact outcomes was an amazing experience.  The passion that they have to improve clinical care for children is inspiring and I believe our future is in great hands.”

Phyllis Kennel, MS RD LDN, PMP, Assistant Director, Clinical Operations at Duke Clinical Research Institute, and Pediatric Trials Network
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Have you heard about iCAN's Seal of Approval Program? Well, click to learn more about how you can receive the seal of approval for your next project or product!

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Thank You from the iCAN Team!

At the core of every thriving organization lies an exceptional group of dedicated, compassionate, and generous volunteers, donors, and like-minded partners. iCAN's resilience and effectiveness are deeply rooted in the support and commitment of these individuals who play a crucial role in guiding our young participants as they learn to express their voices and expertise on local, regional, and global stages. 


We actively collaborate with a diverse community of organizations, forging partnerships that aim to amplify the voices of young individuals and caregivers and facilitate improved access to advancements in treatments, research, technology, science, and innovation. Our Community and Sponsoring Partners share our unwavering dedication to enhancing the health and well-being of pediatric patients worldwide. Together, these partnerships extend our reach and provide additional avenues for our youth to make their voices heard.

On behalf of iCAN, we sincerely thank iCAN's 2023 sponsors for being such amazing supporters of pediatric patients, caregivers, and their voices. iCAN's KIDS chapter youth members prepared this amazing video to show their thanks for your continued commitment to pediatric advocacy. Thank you to KIDS Illinois, KIDS Bari, KIDS Illinois Walter-Payton, and KIDS Rady for participating! 


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