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iCAN 2024 Advocacy and Research Summit

July 15 - 19, 2024

Bari, Italy

Hotel Excelsior Bari

Celebrating 10 years!

Summit Agenda

Coming soon! Make sure to check back in to be the first to know.

Summit 2023 Event Highlights

Check out the Summit highlights video made by KIDS Rady member, Shannon Cao

Pre-Approved Stipend Reimbursement Form

The reimbursement form is for stipend recipients only.

Sponsor iCAN 

Learn how to support this amazing group of kids and be apart of the Summit!

Bari Tour Guide

Coming Soon - Thank you to KIDS Bari for putting the guide together

Summit Pictures



Check back in for 2024 Summit Pictures, in the meantime check out the amazing pictures from 2023!

Summit Scholarships

2024 Summit Scholarships are coming soon!

Check out the 2023 winners!

Bari Packing List

Coming Soon

Poster Abstracts

We encourage all chapters to submit a poster as well as any individual research posters. Poster Submissions will open soon.

Dress Code Policy

Make sure to pay attention to the Dress Code! 

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